Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
Bistro Hemma Hos popular”House Red”
A generous taste of currant, cherry, plum,
pepper and oak.

Equilibrio        ECO             
Murcia,DO Jumilla, Spain
Medium-boided wine with dark
and a silk smooth taste

Valpolicella Valapantena                             
Italien Veneto
Medium-bodied wine with a fruity taste and elements of chocolate and vanilla                                                  


Pure Malbec                                           
Malbec, Argentina
Juicy, fruity taste with cherry, plum and
spices with an elegant long aftertaste          

Coto de imaz reserva              
Spanien, Rioja, DOCa Rioja                       
A Quite plumb but still youthful and vigorously taste with element of Blackberry,plum,vanilla and spices                                                                                                     


Secret de lunes Pinot noir     Languedoc, France     ECO                             

Everyone loves Pinot noir, This wine is medium-bodied and fruity with elements of cherry, raspberry and strawberry




Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Australia
Bistro Hemma Hos popular ”House White”
A fresh wine with generous a generous taste
of peach, passionfruit and yellow apples

Alvarinho, Portugal
A wonderful dry and fresh Alvarinho with
tones of freshly squeezed citrus fruits

AQUARIUS                                                                                           Marsanne, viognier, Australien       
Medium dry, fruity and fresh wine with a
fine taste of tropical fruits


Essence Riesling                            
Riesling, Germany
Medium-bodied and semi dry wine with element of lime, orange and peach
















Laroche chablis                                  
Chardonnay, France
Dry an with a very clear element
of citrus, lime, flowers and apples

Sancerre Blanc               
Sauvignon Blanc, France     
High class, intense, dry and fruity with a
touch of blackberry leaves, pears and
green apples and also a little hint of
mango. Really good structure, rich
concentration and lovely, tempting