Vi har ett gediget sortiment med många gästfat och flaskor som skiftar från säsong till säsong.


Melleruds ECO
4,8%, Spendrups Bryggeri, Sweden
A modern Swedish lager

Wisby Lager
4,7%, Gotlands Bryggeri Sweden
Malt character with a flavor profile for raspberry, cherry & orange

 Sitting Bulldog IPA
6,4% Gotland Bryggeri, Sweden
A variant on a classic IPA. Bitter, tasty                                                            and a long fruity aftertaste   


Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale
4,8%, Gotlands Bryggeri, Sweden                                   
The first bulldog in the ”Bulldog                          

The Tail Of A Whale
4,8%, Gotlands Bryggeri, Sweden                                   
55% Wheat malt, Scottish ale yeast
unfiltered and dryhopped with citra

Beavertown Gamma Ray
5,4%, Beavertown  England
Wonderful pale ale with a taste of tropical fruits and citrus

Beavertown Neck Oil IPA
4,3%, Beavertown, England  
A light and crispy session ipa with a taste of passion friut which creates a perfect harmony in a glas                                                                                  


Mariestads Export
5,3%, Spendrups Bryggeri, Sweden     
Typical Swedish lager that everyone likes

Pistonhead ECO
4,9%, Kustum lager
Its a dry lager with a fruity finish 

Mariestads Continental
4,2%, Spendrups Bryggeri, Sweden
A Round fullness with delicious bitternes

4,5%, Mexiko
An easy and dry beer with a bit of bitterness                                                                    

Wisby Stout
5,0%, Gotlands Bryggeri Sweden
Distinctive character of dark roasted malt  with hints of chocolate                                                    

Daura Damm
5,4%, Apain (Gluten-Free)
Malty taste with element of light bread, citrus, honey and herbs

Rådanäs IPA
6,6% , Mölnlycke, Sweden                                                                            Want to try something really good from Sweden? Here we go…